OpenBioSim at the 9th annual CCPBioSim conference: Biomolecular Simulations for a Better World

OpenBioSim is proud to sponsor the 9th Annual CCPBioSim Conference: Biomolecular Simulations for a Better World, to be held in Leeds July 10-12th 2023. This flagship event from the academic consortium CCPBioSim brings together practitioners of biomolecular simulations from academia and industry. This year the conference will feature a session on researcher communities, where topics addressed will cover software sustainability, growing communities, and partnerships between academia and industry. Julien will attend and chair a session as co-organiser of the meeting. Matthew Burman will present at the meeting a poster showcasing free energy calculation capabilities available in the OpenBioSim software toolkits Sire and BioSimSpace.

Written by Julien Michel.