OpenBioSim webinar – March 8th 2023

OpenBioSim webinar

OpenBioSim will give a webinar ”Promoting open collaboration in computer-aided drug design with the OpenBioSim Community Interest Company’‘ as part of CCPBioSim‘s industry seminars program on March 8th 2023 between 2 -3.30 pm GMT. The live¬†seminar will be followed by an interactive Q&A session.

If you are want to learn more about the mission and operations of OpenBioSim please register here to attend the event.


OpenBioSim (OBS) is a not-for-profit company that aims to promote and sustain the use of open-source chemical research software in academia and industry. OBS works with industry partners to integrate open-source software as components of technology platforms, and to provide long term support for open-source projects that have demonstrated scientific utility.

This webinar will discuss the motivations for setting up OpenBioSim, and highlight the work OpenBioSim is currently doing with the open-source projects Sire and BioSimSpace to support industrial applications in the domain of computer-aided drug design.


Written by Julien Michel.

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